The ultimate party food

Right now, in this holiday season, things are in high gear for parties & potlucks. What should you bring? Deviled eggs of course!

Deviled eggs work on so many levels.

  • They’re easy to make.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Usually a party hit (I doubt you take any leftovers home).
  • Are portable.
  • Have great presentation  (they say we eat with our eyes).
  • There’s a variety of ways to make them.
  • Beat Oreos on the eating healthy scale (but hey, this party time, live a little!)

Do you like the kind with relish? Mustard? Olives? Sprinkled with paprika for that decorative flair? Sprinkled with parsley? I swear, just about anything sprinkled with finely chopped paprika looks gourmet & yummy. Better yet, you can get uber fancy & stuff the egg white by piping in the egg yolk mixture. Oh yessss!

Maybe you have a true & tried recipe. Or you try a little of this & a little of that each time you make them. Then there’s the internet. Even though I have a whole bookcase full of cookbooks, I find myself searching the internet for recipes.

In fact, as I prepared for this post, I searched for some recipes just for you & came across this enticing one…Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs.

Mmmmm bacon. Can’t go wrong there. Um, unless you’re at a Vegetarians United potluck.

How about this one? With a name of The BEST EVER Deviled Eggs – Seriously that’s a tall order. Check it out here BEST EVER Deviled Eggs .

Did you see Mrs Happy Homemaker put her BEST EVER deviled eggs on a special plate?  If you’re thinking to yourself that is kinda snazzy then check this out. Bigfoot has one for sale! This is what it looks like. Isn’t it cool? Got that retro 70’s speckled look. Won’t your deviled eggs look so yummy & tempting on this plate?

deviled egg plate


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