Vintage Arnel’s Mushroom Teapot

Fun 70’s housewares!


During one of my last thrift shopping excursions I picked up three new mushroom housewares to add to my collection. My favourite piece by far is the vintage  Arnel’s mushroom teapot from the 1970’s. I like how it not only features mushroom molds on the outside but the teapot itself is shaped like a mushroom! The lid stands out for me because it’s shaped like the cap and the outer edges show the detail of the gills.


The remaining mushroom finds were two mugs. One was a simple retro mug and the second was a bit more sophisticated. It is a fine bone china mug by Grosvenor titled Bittersweet. My Mom has the Harebell set so when I saw the Bittersweet mug I recognized the style of design straight away.


I tried to research Arnel’s but all I came across were sites selling their products which included very little information…

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Pinterest Interest

Are you a Pinterest fanatic?  We are!  We love finding great things on the internet to share with you!

Our main page is here, so you can decide what you want to see.

We have boards for Mid Century Modern, 1970s/Bohemian style, Art, Fashion, and quotes that inspire us.  

What interests you?  What boards would you like to see?

Here are a few favorite pins that might get you inspired!


Mushroom String Art Vintage Seventies kitsch by SpaceModyssey:
1970s mushroom string art
vintage green telephone:
Mid Century Modern Telephone


Coastal Walkway by Gail Kellett:
Art we love!


Vogue 1967:

Fashion by Vogue



This kind of reminds me of work

Today, I’ve been working on my duties & responsibilities with Bigfoot. I started off in the morning looking at Ebay seller information so I could do some bookkeeping. As the self-appointed CFO of Bigfoot, I have have joy of the accounting responsibility. BTW, I fully support the title of CFO since I’m the only one who does the books. Hey, when you’re a one-woman department, you get to be anything you want to be!

It’s been a while since I’ve done any traditional accounting, the type with debits & credits. Those T-accounts really help me understand what to do. Some stuff I can’t remember if it should have a debit or credit balance. Gotta look it up. That takes time. Then you have to put the entry into a ledger. Or on the program I use, it’s called a journal. Remembering which accounts to use & how much should be applied to each account.

None of the online selling forums call their fees the same thing. Figuring out each of those also takes time. They all need to get accounted for. I make notes as I go along. Yep, this is sure starting to remind me of work.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to work. I like to reap a benefit from my work. That’s why I do it. If I don’t do any work, I don’t get any benefit. Um, like a paycheck. With no paycheck, I don’t get to do anything I want to do like…Let’s see…pay bills such as the mortgage & power bill, eat, drive my car, fun stuff like going out to the movies.


My husband, Eric & I went to the movies yesterday & saw the newest Star Wars movie. Let me put it this way. I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, sci-fi fan or regular movie-goer. I just now had to look up the name of the Star Wars movie we saw. Google says The Force Awakens. Yeah, that sounds about right & rings a bell. I wanted to go because there was a lot of hoopla about this movie. It’s can’t be all that bad if there’s such a big stink about it. Right? And, I admit, the original Star Wars is not a bad movie.

We went to a living room theater in the area. Very cool, with leather reclining chairs & ottomans. Glad we got there when we did. About 20 minutes before the film was to start. There were very few of seats left. Our seats were on the first row of seats closest to the screen. Hey, at least there was no obstructed viewing. That is a personal peeve of mine. I usually sit in the front row, but not at the movies.

We had got some popcorn with garlic butter. Because we got there so early, we finished off that popcorn before the movie started. I hope the garlic butter didn’t cost any more than regular butter because this butter had absolutely no garlic taste to it. I know it was on there. I saw the girl pump it on from the container labeled Garlic Butter. Eric commented he couldn’t taste any garlic either.

The movie was good. Entertaining. Action packed. Good against evil. Although I didn’t feel there was definite “winner” in this movie. And, the way it ends, no don’t worry, no spoiler alert here, the movie ends in a way leaving it wide open for another movie.

Back to the blog… Okay, so this accounting reminded me a lot like work. Like I was at work, my job. Well, maybe not the job I have right now, but most certainly jobs I’ve had in the past. It also takes me back to accounting classes.

I like accounting. I enjoy doing the accounting for Bigfoot. Even though at times, it reminds me of work. And really, it’s because it is. It’s just work of a different nature. Cleaning house & laundry are all just different forms of work with their own benefits. And as I spend an entire Sunday working on accounting, doing a little of this & a little of that on our web page here, I am reminded it is a bit like work after all & that’s not so bad.


Amy: 0, Cold: 1

It’s that time of year when viruses are abound. And one found its way to me. I wished it would’ve passed on by but that apparently just isn’t so. What started off as a nasty sore throat has turned into enough coughing I feel like my head is going to crack open.

Enough of my whining & my woe-is-me. We all know what it feels like to be sick. The last thing you want to read about is the details of someone else’s cold. But I had to tell you I had a cold otherwise it wouldn’t make sense that I’d  just post out of the blue this wonderful southern elixir I found to help my sore throat.

When I’m sick, the last thing I want to do is take a “medicine” that’ll make feel worse than if I had taken nothing at all. What I look for is something that’ll give a bit of relief or comfort. Having a cold is like having your period. You just gotta wait it out & it goes away on its own. But  a little relief along the way can be a wonderful thing.

Apple cider vinegar has been something that I’ve been reading about here & there. I also knew whiskey or brandy can provide some comfort for the common cold. After a bit of Googling, I found a recipe that sounded enticing & I all of the ingredients. Well, almost.

The recipe is at this website. Southern Sore Throat Elixir

Here’s the recipe, as written:


  • 8 ounces of boiling water
  • 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger
  • 3 whole cloves
  • Cinnamon stick
  • 2 green tea or orange pekoe tea bags
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice and/or a splash of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 to 2 ounces of Jack Daniels whiskey
  • Slice of lemon

Boil the water, stir in the ginger, cloves and cinnamon stick; add the tea bags and steep for 5 minutes. Remove the bags. Zap in the microwave for 1 minute to get it back real hot, then stir in the honey, lemon juice and last, the whiskey. Drop in lemon slice. Drink it while it is still very hot, take a warm bath with some essential oils and crawl up in the bed.

Well….I didn’t quite follow the recipe verbatim. I didn’t take a bath, though I do have essential oils. And, I didn’t crawl up into my bed because my bed is at my knee-level so there’s no climbing up involved. But what I did do was sit on the couch, sipping my yummy elixir as I watched something on Netflix. Not quite the same as a bath & bed but it worked well enough.

What did I do differently?

I made a cup of hot spiced cider in my Keurig instead of the boiling water. Hot spiced cider is offered as an alternative on the recipe’s website.

I didn’t have the green or orange pekoe tea. Instead, I used Good Earth’s sweet & spicy tea. I’m not a big tea drinker. Coffee is more my thing. So I used what I had & like.

I used both the lemon juice AND the apple cider vinegar.

I didn’t have JD whiskey. I’m a tequila girl. But my hubby likes whiskey & he had some cheapo Candian Club so I used that.

I was pleasantly surprised with my drink! It tasted good! I couldn’t really pick out the taste of the whiskey or the apple cider vinegar. I have some of those skinny coffee straws. I got a couple of those out because the loose bits of clove & cinnamon stick kept getting in the way of each sip. It was plenty sweet enough, so I didn’t add any additional sugar or honey.

I wished I had used a bigger cup or made it in a teapot. I made my drink in a standard sized coffee cup & it was right near the top. And, if I’m going to make it in a teapot I can make enough for two. Even better!

I felt good after my drink. It almost felt like a pleasant hot flash. Is there such a thing?  Just a warmth radiating from within and it was soothing on my sore throat. Unfortunately, that never lasts long enough.

Now if you think this elixir sounds mighty tasty & you’d like to give it a try, let me suggest you make it in a teapot. And whattya know! Bigfoot has just the teapot for you! We have here a Noritake teapot. This beauty is white rimmed with gold. It’s china so it’s good at keeping your hot toddy, well, um hot! And this baby is certainly big enough to hold at least two, if not three, servings of this toddy. So if you’ve gotten bit by a cold bug or the flu, have yourself a little tea party with this teapot & this recipe. It’s a sure way to beat those wintertime blahs.





It’s Snowing

Here at my house in the Pacific Northwet (yep, qualifies as wet here after 29 consecutive days with rain) it is snowing.  Big, fat, fluffy flakes that are sticking. Enough to cover the grass as of a few moments ago when I took my two little doggies outside to do their business. Wet slippery snow. Ya know, the kind good for making snowballs. Let me tell you, I just learned Birkenstocks are not good in the snow. So much for being comfortable and having good traction. Who knew? And my feet got wet. The clog slip-on type is designed perfectly to allow snow to sneak in just under your heel.  Because the dogs gotta sniff all over before finding just the right place to do their thing, my feet got wet as I slipped around the backyard.

So what do you like on these cold, chilly and snowy nights? How about a hot chocolate! Or even better, an adult hot chocolate! What’s an adult hot chocolate, you wonder. Well, it’s hot chocolate (obviously) with some peppermint schnapps or other such adult yumminess. In a nice big mug. Something to keep all that goodness warm til the last drop. And you know what’s great for that? This mug!

We’ve got this mug listed on our Etsy store. Just waiting for some hot chocolate. And remember, you can still use the coupon code BIGFOOTFRIEND to get 25% off through 12/31/15.



The ultimate party food

Right now, in this holiday season, things are in high gear for parties & potlucks. What should you bring? Deviled eggs of course!

Deviled eggs work on so many levels.

  • They’re easy to make.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Usually a party hit (I doubt you take any leftovers home).
  • Are portable.
  • Have great presentation  (they say we eat with our eyes).
  • There’s a variety of ways to make them.
  • Beat Oreos on the eating healthy scale (but hey, this party time, live a little!)

Do you like the kind with relish? Mustard? Olives? Sprinkled with paprika for that decorative flair? Sprinkled with parsley? I swear, just about anything sprinkled with finely chopped paprika looks gourmet & yummy. Better yet, you can get uber fancy & stuff the egg white by piping in the egg yolk mixture. Oh yessss!

Maybe you have a true & tried recipe. Or you try a little of this & a little of that each time you make them. Then there’s the internet. Even though I have a whole bookcase full of cookbooks, I find myself searching the internet for recipes.

In fact, as I prepared for this post, I searched for some recipes just for you & came across this enticing one…Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs.

Mmmmm bacon. Can’t go wrong there. Um, unless you’re at a Vegetarians United potluck.

How about this one? With a name of The BEST EVER Deviled Eggs – Seriously that’s a tall order. Check it out here BEST EVER Deviled Eggs .

Did you see Mrs Happy Homemaker put her BEST EVER deviled eggs on a special plate?  If you’re thinking to yourself that is kinda snazzy then check this out. Bigfoot has one for sale! This is what it looks like. Isn’t it cool? Got that retro 70’s speckled look. Won’t your deviled eggs look so yummy & tempting on this plate?

deviled egg plate


Know Anyone Who Has a Santa Collection?

Santa sterling ornament 1

This Santa ornament is:

  • sterling silver
  • called Forever Santa
  • sculpted by F. Kreitchet
  • from 1992
  • first in a Santa series
  • limited edition 70/2500
  • engraved with the edition registration number on the back
  • made by Sculpture Workshop Designs

As I am preparing this post, I am reading about the makers of the ornament…”Their creative approach is based in bas-relief sculpture, similar to the numismatic tradition found in coins and commemorative medals.” I have to admit, I had no idea what numismatic was. So, I looked it up. How I so love the internet! Open a tab, type in the word & there it is – my lesson for day.

If you think about it, you learn something every day. Sometimes it’s a relearn but that one counts as a learning. And what you learn each day can be as trivial as what was Elivs’s middle name?  <Aaron>, what causes tornadoes? <unstable air reacting with wind shear>  or what is numismatic? <related to coins, currency or metals>. Oh. But now I know!

Back to the ornament…I was trying to think of different types of collections it could fit into to.

  1. Santa
  2. Coin
  3. Sterling silver
  4. Silver
  5. Sculpture Workshop Designs
  6. F. Kreitchet
  7. Santa Maria

This ornament would look really great on a tree with a red & silver motif! If I’ve piqued your interest, check it out here.

If this one doesn’t suit your fancy, check out the Etsy store for other ornaments. There’s several different sterling silver ones & some mini Hallmark plates. One of my all-time favorite ornaments is a mini Hallmark plate. It’s blueish & has animals on it. I’ve had it a long time. It’s not on my tree this year though. As much as I like it, it won’t fit in with this year’s tree. Each year, we decorate our tree differently, selecting from the masses of ornaments we have.

Bigfoot has more items on Ebay now that our limit was recently increased. YAY!!  Bigfoot on Ebay has more Santa ornaments & Hallmark baseball player ornaments (Mark McGwire, Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken & Ken Griffey). Plenty to look at!  See all items for sale through Ebay here.

Eventually, our Ebay items shall be posted here &  other cool changes. As they say  pardon our dust