Tree and Leaves with Gold Leaf

Original painting by Linda Kooper Wallace

Acrylic painting with gold leaf accents on 8″ x 10″ canvas. Canvas is 3/4″ deep and ready to hang. Signed and dated on the back.

Beautiful modern art piece featuring a tree and leaves. Because of the gold leaf, this piece really shines, and the effect changes with changing lights or angle of viewing. This would make a wonderful gift, or a great addition to your home!


Picasso Lady

Textile art piece by Linda Kooper Wallace.  Hand painted with textile paints on white cotton, free motion quilted, and framed in a recycled frames.  The metallic paints give this piece a glow, and the sheen changes as you view it from different angles.    The piece measures 8″ x 10″ and is available in our shop.

Put a bird on it

bird 5

Uploaded to the shop today  is this textile art piece.  The dimensions of the piece are approximately 8″ x 10″.  It is in a recycled frame and the piece is signed and dated on the back.

Original piece, hand painted with metallic and other textile paints onto cotton fabric, and free motion stitched.


ITEM OF THE DAY- Reagan Postcard


Vintage Postcard

President Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States, is pictured with Boy Scouts in Pennsylvania.

Front of postcard is photo quality. Any pixalation and discoloration are the fault of the scanner. Postcard is in excellent condition.

Published by Coral-Lee. Copyright Michael Evans. Vintage 1981.



Original Art – OOAK- Mixed Media piece by Linda Wallace- modern art – House on abstract background

9 1/2″ x 12″ art. Mixed Media on a cardboard base. Acrylic paints, tissue paper, layers of collage, vibrant colors. Original art by Linda Wallace, signed and dated on back.il_570xN.883007578_lbfiHouse wall art

ITEM OF THE DAY: Photo Cubes

il_570xN.867043135_2ydl.jpgPhoto Cube


1970s plastic photo cubes

No household was without these in the seventies…I know mine wasn’t! There is a bit of wear to the plastic, just enough for a vintage patina, while still being able to see the photos clearly. On the smaller cube, there is some tearing of the surface of the plastic insert, as shown in the photos. When you put your own photos in, that will never show!

Please use photos of the cubes shown to see the level of wear.

What a doll!

We added some really fun items to our Etsy shop today, and are very happy to be able to share them with you!

Topsy Turvy doll from Barbados ~ Black toys ~ African American toy ~ Historical doll ~ Gift for girl ~ doll collector gift ~ Mammy doll


The first is a Topsy-Turvy doll.  These are also called flip dolls.

This charming flip doll is from Barbados. A flip doll (topsy turvy doll) is a doll that when her dress is flipped over her head, it reveals another doll underneath. It’s like having two dolls in one. It is in excellent vintage condition.

Topsy Turvy dolls have quite a history, and seem to be invented around the 1870’s. Some of the earliest dolls were white on one side and black on the other. There are several theories about this, but it seems likely that slave children kept the white side showing when around caucasians, but played with the black side at home.

As objects of material culture, Topsy-Turvy dolls have provoked a great amount of interpretive controversy. Karen Sanchez-Eppler suspects that Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Topsy in Uncle Tom’s Cabin may have taken her name from the dolls, making for a “poignant and somewhat disturbing pairing with little Eva”.

Gglitch doll ~ Millie Modem ~ telecommunications supervisor ~ Technology gift ~ gift for geek ~ Vintage doll ~ collectible dollGglitch vintage doll Frank Format - Software Design Consultant ~ geek gift, programmer gift ~ african american ~ gift for him ~ hipster


These two dolls are from a series of 6 dolls made by Gglitch in 1985.  They are dolls based on the IT / computer industry, and make really great collectibles!  Technology has come a long way since these were made, and the details on their tags really show the vintage nature of these items.  Click on either one for more details.

More fun items coming soon!