Vintage Postcards

We love vintage postcards!  A little slice of history, and so much fun to collect.  They make great wall art, or they can be used as epherma in art projects.  To see our full selection, click here.

We found this great article about the history of postcards.  In this interview, Ann Waidelich discusses postcard collecting and the many varieties of collectible postcards on the market. Ann is a volunteer with the Wisconsin Historical Society, whose microsite, Tall Tale Postcards, is a member of our Hall of Fame.

She answers the following questions:

What did people use postcards for in the 1900s?

How did companies determine what images to put on the cards?

Do collectors typically specialize in a certain category?

Were all postcards made of paper?

Who made these postcards?

Did some artists specifically focus on postcards?

Are there a lot of postcard collecting clubs?

Are there any really rare postcards you particularly look for?

Have you noticed any major trends in collecting postcards since you’ve started?—————————————————-

We wish you very happy collecting, and leave you with some postcards that we carry.

Linda and Amy


Vintage Postcard ~ Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition ~ Portland Oregon 1905 ~ California State Building ~ historic postcard


Vintage postcard ~ turn of the century humor ~ funny postcard ~ comic postcard ~ romantic gift ~ gift for girlfriend ~ gift for boyfriend

Vintage Postcard ~ Dog Photographer taking portrait of dog family ~ gift for dog lover ~ antique postcard ~ turn of the century ~ funny card

Vintage Postcard ~ in the Feather River Gorge California ~ Feather River Canyon ~ Historic California ~ California epherma ~

Vintage Postcard ~ Original Old Band made famous by James Whitcomb Riley The Hoosier Poet Greenfield Indiana ~ Indiana History ~ sepia

Vintage Postcard ~ Ames Tourist Court ~ Ames Iowa ~ hotel memorabilia, Iowa collectible ~ American epherma, hotel epherma ~ Ames hotel

Vintage Postcard ~ Nancy Reagan in the White House Kitchen ~ Reagan collectible ~ political postcard ~ presidential memorabilia ~ epherma

Vintage Postcard ~ President Ronald Reagan with Boy Scout ~ wall art ~ frame art ~ Republican giftt ~ political gift ~ election ~ man cave

Vintage postcard ~ President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter with Marshall Tito of Yugoslavia ~ political gift ~ gift for him ~ America


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